Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shadowrun Magickal Stereotypes

{Author's Note:  This is one of my Shadowrun Rants.  Some of this stuff is seriously dated.  there are also references to various in game settings and institutions.}

OK Folks, here I go again about Magick in Shadowrun, but this time I am going to tackle the Stereotypes of Magickal Folk in Shadowrun.  I have already covered a several shamanic stereotypes.  Well, I missed a few. Here we go.

Shamans as Slobs, in the Shadowrun sourcebooks there is mention of the Odd Couple clone Vid-show called Odd Coven.  The Shaman in the Vid-show is presented as a slob and disorganized.  That is a major generalization.  I can think of a few totems that would not be that way.  Mouse, Squirrel, Cat and Eagle,  I can see as very organized, very clean, and sharp in appearance.  Fox is another that would fit this bill.  Shamans are a bit more improvisational with regards to their magick, but that does not mean that all are disorganized or slovenly. 

As to the reverse Hermetics as Neat Freaks, well not all Hermetics are the same.  I can see a few like the absent minded professor or mad scientist with notes and formulas spread out all over a room.  Ritual materials scattered in the room would be more common than some might think.  Street Mages may also more likely be less organized than their refined colleagues.

Shaman as uneducated and less worldly, I can see this in more Primitive types from remote areas.  This is the 21st Century so more Tribal types would be educated at least to High School diploma level.  I can think of a few NAN Universities that would have Doctorate Studies in Shamanism.  It may not be as common as Hermetic Studies and Ph.D.s in the UCAS, CAS and Europe, but they would be common in the NAN, African Nation and others Shamanic Nations.  

Hermetic as educated and worldly.  Well Folks I could see a few naive Mages who learned their craft intuitively or were taught by a family member.  Also I think Mages from that Lower Classes would be less likely have a Degree, especially certain Metatypes.  I think I would be uncommon to see an Ork or Troll Street Mages with a Thaumaturgaical Degree.  I can see some Street Kid Learning from some old Geezer Mage who has become a hermit in a condemned building.

Shamans as from the Lower Classes.  Think of this, a Shaman whose family have always been Shamans or Chiefs in the Tribe or some rich kid who hears the call of Dog.  The Gift and the totems do not differentiate between Rich and Poor, so you would see affluent and influential Shamans as well as those from humble beginnings and origins.  Some back to land types would shun wealth and its trappings but not all Shamans would do this.

Hermetics from the Upper Classes.  Like I said above the gift does not differentiate between rich and poor.  The sourcebooks mention Corporations going into the barrens and testing kids to recruit those magickally active into the corporate service.  Some would slip in between the cracks especially certain Metatypes, like Orks and Trolls.  I could see some late bloomers too slipping between the cracks and learning their magick after a lifetime under another path.

Remember folks, when creating a Character look at all the possibilities.  Create a few who break through stereotypes.  Have a Tiger Shaman who likes to wear silk suits and trade stocks or a Hermetic Mage who has focuses made from refuse items like old tin cans and soda pop bottles.  Everything is possible have fun letting your imagination run wild.

Well once again is My Not So Humble Opinion.

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